How to find workers for your home services business?

You’ve managed to increase your bookings, but just can’t hire fast enough? Staffing is stressful and time consuming. And to win at it, just like with marketing and gaining new customers, the staffing functions needs to constantly be turned on. Simply put, keep an eye out for great workers, the same way you do for customers. The expansion and scale of your business depends on it. Below, we are going to list our top ten sources to find qualified candidates to help you identify and staff great candidates.

Before we begin, here are some prerequisites to ensure that you are ready to attract and hire the right candidates:
1. Your business already has an EIN (i.e., a business SSN). If not, apply via the IRS website.
2. You’ve already decided which worker classification you’d like to hire. If not, check out our article on employees vs contractors.
3. You’ve prepared a job description, including an overview of your business, the job title, duties/responsibilities, skills/competencies/personality characteristics, other requirements, and expected wages.
4. You are prepared to train the new hire to complete each task assigned and any necessary standard operating procedures.
5. You’ve prepared an employee job offer or independent contractor agreement and are prepared to pay competitively.

Additional tips for hiring employees:
If hiring employees, be sure you are a registered employer with your state and have considered worker compensation insurance. Also, don’t forget to report the employee’s information to your state’s new hire reporting agency

Top 5 sources for hiring quality candidates to grow your home services business

1. Referrals from your (best) workers and customers. These individuals are well positioned as they constantly come in contact with people within your industry and would already have an informed gauge of what an ideal candidate is like.

2. Job boards and marketplaces. Prospective constantly flock the leading job board and marketplaces looking for new employment opportunities or new business. Our top recommendations are Indeed, Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, Craigslist,, and

3. Social media interest groups. Most people have interaction with social media today. This will be a great place to gain visibility and mindshare with potential candidates, partners, and prospective customers within your community/industry.

4. Local job fairs hosted by trade schools/interest groups. Learning institutions and interest groups benefit reputationally when candidates have a high success rate in the job search. For you, this will be a great way to find coachable and quality candidates that are equipped with the fundamentals needed as a member of your team. If your local trade school/interest group does not have a job career, feel free to reach out to them and let them know you are hiring. Once the relationship is ignited, this can be a channel to constantly find and replenish candidates.

5. Branded flyers or signals in local hotspots. Social media platform do not allow you to advertise job postings in 2022. However, the same effect can be attained by setting up well placed flyers and signs in your local hotspots. Prospective employees are bound to notice when roaming around the city or at the local shopping centers.

We hope this was helpful to you. We compiled these insights from discussions with successful customers that have managed to grow and scale quickly by streamlining their entire hiring operations. Feel free to let us know which topics you would like us to cover next. If you are not yet a member, sign up here for free and find out why more business owners choose us to vet new hires and manage their staffing, all in one platform.