How to conduct employee background checks?

Background checks are important for a number of reasons. For employers, they are hiring insurance. For potential mates, they are safety gauges. Truth be told, background checks help you understand a person’s past. This article is for small business owners looking to setup a background check program for their business.

Key points to remember before we begin:
(1) Pre-employment background checks searches for criminal convictions and legal issues in a candidate’s past
(2) Benefits include reducing potential legal liabilities, avoiding bad hires, and ensuring overall workplace safety
(3) Use FCRA-compliant services (preferably specialized in pre-employment screening) to comply with state and federal laws

Let’s begin.

1. Find an FCRA-compliant pre-employment screening service (see suggestions below)
EasyHire: Best for SMBs. Pricing starts at $29 with savings of up to +30% on bulk orders
GoodHire: Best for SMBs in construction, healthcare, tech and retail. Pricing starts at $29.99
ClearChecks: Best for medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Pricing starts at $39.99


2. Notify candidates and request background checks
The candidate’s involvement and consent is very important in ensuring that the results are reliable and accurate. We advise that employers inform potential employees and contractors of their background check policy upfront to avoid miscommunication later in the recruiting process.

Background checks can be easily requested on EasyHire with just the candidate’s name and email address (see below)

Once a background check is requested, the candidate will receive a secure link to enter their full legal name, date of birth, address, social security number, and phone number. Employers will also be able to track completion activity through the EasyHire portal.

Example: Status update for candidate that has completed the background check input form

Example: Status update for candidate that has not yet completed the background check input form

3. Review results
This is the last and final step of the process. This is made easy in the EasyHire portal indicated by any of the colored icons placed beside the candidate’s name. For candidate’s with a concerning check, employers will be able to view all the information collected including the recorded date of the offense, the offense committed, the court, the conviction status, fines, etc. A copy of the information will also be shared with the candidate. This is in compliance with FCRA regulations and ensures a fair process by allowing candidates the opportunity to dispute any of the findings.

Example: Colored icons appear beside the candidate’s name in the EasyHire portal to indicate the status of the background check

Thank You! We hope this was helpful.
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